About Drysafer

How Combining Complimentary Backgrounds, Skills and Experience Evolved Into Successful Business.

Having personally repaired thousands of burnt out dryers throughout his thirty plus years in the appliance service business, Tom Asciolla experienced firsthand, the huge demand for an alarm that warned of potential dryer fires caused by excessive lint build-up. After developing a working prototype, Tom then sought out Jack Terrazas, a marketing expert who has successfully launched over $300MM in new products over a 35-year career.

Tom and Jack then formed DrySafer Corporation, Inc. to collaborate their talents on the all aspects of R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and logistics. Their initial product criteria were ease of installation, affordability and 100% compatibility with all dryers. What resulted was DrySafer™ Dryer Lint Alarm, the industry’s first early warning device that alerts homeowners of highly flammable lint buildup before it ignites!

DrySafer now serves both the new appliance retail channel and dryer parts and service aftermarkets. With its ease of installation, homeowners can now reduce their chance of extensive property damage, injury or even possible death due to excessive overheating of their clothes dryers. Thousands of appliance service companies have already purchased DrySafer with an overwhelming positive response.

DrySafer is now made in the USA!